About NovaSight

NovaSight brings pediatric vision care into the digital age

Our revolutionary eye tracking-based solutions aim to prevent pediatric vision loss through rapid vision assessment and innovative vision therapy.

Our solutions are specially designed for the unique needs and attention spans of children, to be used by caregivers and parents.

NovaSight’s management and advisory board is comprised of experienced executives, physicians, researchers and key opinion leaders in the field of vision care.


Extensive industry experience with a proven track record.
NovaSight’s management brings broad and multidisciplinary expertise in the field of vision care.

Ran Yam,
CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Yam has decades of experience developing optics and medical devices. He was responsible for the development of products with annual sales exceeding US$50 million. His last position was as VP R&D for Visionix, a global leader of eye care solutions. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and has four registered patents.

Dan Oz,
CTO & Co-Founder

Mr. Oz, an electronics engineer, was the Co-Founder of Sightline Technologies, which was acquired by Stryker for US$50 million. He holds eleven patents, with additional patents pending.

Dr. Oren Yehezkel,

Dr. Yehezkel holds a PhD in Neuroscience, specializing in binocular vision, and a BSc in Optometry, with extensive hospital experience. He has published more than 20 scientific publications and holds five patents, with additional patents pending.

Moshe Barel,
VP Sales and Marketing

Mr. Barel has extensive experience in executive sales and has held high-level marketing positions in the medical devices field, fulfilling leadership roles for industry leaders. Mr. Barel holds a BA in Economics and a MSc in Business Administration.

Advisory Board

World-renowned experts.
NovaSight’s advisory board includes key opinion leaders with extensive experience in the field of pediatric eye care, specializing in developing breakthrough methods and guidelines in the field.

Prof. Burton J. Kushner, MD

Prof. Kushner is a pediatric ophthalmologist specializing in the treatment of strabismus. He pioneered research and surgery for strabismus and demonstrated marked improvement in the visual fields of those recovering from strabismus surgery. Professor Kushner was the Director of the Pediatric Eye and Adult Strabismus Clinic at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is currently a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science. He served as Secretary for the Program of the AAPOS, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology, Founding Editor of the Journal of AAPOS, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Binocular Vision and Ocular Motility. He has published over 200 peer reviewed manuscripts, authored 41 textbook chapters, edited three textbooks, and was sole author of another two textbooks. He was listed as one of the “20 Most Innovative Pediatric Surgeons Alive Today” by Top Master’s in Health Care Administration.

Prof. Dennis M. Levi, OD, PhD

Prof. Levi is Professor of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of California, Berkeley, where he also served as Dean of the School of Optometry. Prof. Levi was elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America for his research contributions in the areas of amblyopia and 3D vision. His research has been published in approximately 300 scientific papers and two books. He has received numerous awards including the Glenn Fry Award, the Garland Clay Award and the Prentice Medal from the American Academy of Optometry, and most recently the 2016 Edgar D. Tillyer Award from the Optical Society of America for his groundbreaking work on treating amblyopia. Prof. Levi is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Vision.

Prof. Michael Belkin, MA, MD

Prof. Belkin is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Ophthalmology at Tel Aviv University, and is the Co-founder and former president of the Israel Society of Eye and Vision Research. He was also Head of Pediatric Ophthalmology Services at the Hadassah University Hospital and Sheba Medical Center. Prof. Belkin holds over 25 patents, has published more than 250 scientific publications, innovated the technology behind Optonol, and served as the company’s CMO prior to its acquisition by Alcon for over US$200 million. Prof. Belkin was also Head of Research and Development for the Medical Department of the Israeli Military, and Chairman of the Tel Aviv University Department of Ophthalmology.